As always, you have done amazing work! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I don’t think I can ever express to you how meaningful your work is to our family. I think I say it every year, but will again this year- the kids always have so much fun and look forward to pictures with you. We not only have the pictures as family memories but also the experience of the time spent together during the shoot. 
Thanks again.



Hi Wendy - Wow!  These are great, Wendy!!  We all absolutely LOVED the pics and couldn't be any happier!  : )  We were blown away by how beautiful the girls look in these pics.  The girls are gorgeous!  I would be more than willing to spread the word about your talents and send any of my friends/family your way.  It was so much fun, I'm sure my family will be back again next year!  Thanks again for a fun afternoon!  Thanks again for the opportunity!

Cait & Dave

Hi Wendy,  First, let me tell you I can't stop looking at the pictures you sent to us...they are magnificent!!!!  Seriously, I look at them countless times a day :o)  I feel like it's Christmas...when I wake up the pictures are on my mind right away and I peek.  A brief amount of time goes by and they come to mind again...and I peek again.  I already have one as my screen saver on my iPhone.  (Daughter) asked me if we could "ALWAYS use Wendy [you] for our pictures" because she thought the ones she saw were beautiful and because she "had so much fun that day"...that speaks volumes.  

With gratitude,  Judy (& Family)


Hello Wendy,  Thank you so much for these lovely pictures.  These pics captured our love, laughter and happiness perfectly.  The colors look beautiful like you had said. Love it!!   You made that memory even more special with these pics full of laughter.  Can't thank you enough! 



Oh my gosh, Wendy!  I love them!  I was able to make a photo book (stayed up way too late last night working on it!).  The pictures look great, it is so hard to pick my favorites as there are so many great shots.  Thanks again!  We are really happy with them!


Hi Wendy!  We're so excited, thank you!  This has been one of our favorite years for picture taking...thank you for making it a memorable one!!!  I had to hide my iPhone screen saver from my mother-in-law yesterday when they came over for dinner.  I think the pics you took look soooooooo beautiful that we're gonna 'super-surprise' them with a collage at Christmas-time instead of giving them a "sneak peek", which I was tempted to do at first. There are so many options for fun pics to print for us and for our families and I think we'll be ordering our holiday cards this weekend.  Thank you sooooooo much Wendy!!!!  I love your work and you're wonderful to work with.  Your biz is gonna be awesome, just like you.  Thank you with all my heart!
With deep gratitude,  Judy

Liz wrote: "Had a great time during our couples photo shoot today with Wendy Upadhyay!!  We can't wait to see the pictures!!


Wendy,  Thank you for such an amazing experience this afternoon and for making the taking of our family pictures an event to remember.  You were wonderful to work with and an ubra-talented artist!  

With gratitude,  Judy (& Family)


Wendy Thanks a million!  These are beautiful.  I think I have a few people from work that will be interested in a spring shoot here in Quad Cities!  Love you bunches.  Heather


Dear Wendy,  Thank you!  (Daughter) had a lot of fun!  You take amazing pictures and I can't wait to see (Daughter 2) in your album, too.  The photos are amazing!  Thank you for all your effort and passion!  Thank you and thank you.  I truly wish you the best.

Best, Ioana