Experience and Influence
I have always been passionate about photography, especially starting around age 13, when I received my first camera. Since then, I have taken a variety of classes and workshops, read many photography magazines and books, been through numerous incarnations of Canon SLR cameras, consulted with many professionals, and practiced, practiced, practiced! Several life experiences influenced and led me to photography. The first was the sadness and grief I felt upon learning that most of my childhood photos pre-age 5 were destroyed in a ship fire during my parents' move overseas. I hear stories about what those years were like, but nothing captures the essence quite like film or digital images, especially when memories have faded. I have vowed to myself to document with photographs-- life experiences, beautiful places, nature, and the people I love.
Another key experience was receiving my first SLR film camera (a Canon EOS Rebel) in 1991. This sparked my interest in low-light photography and macro work. Since then, I have been shooting images of gorgeous landscapes, cityscapes, sunsets, flowers, and unique locales - particularly India, from where my husband originates. Lastly, I credit having my own children with a renewed interest in photographing people. A candid photo can capture their youthful exuberance and joy like nothing else!! Little makes me happier than taking images at key life events, sharing them with family and friends, and receiving their gratitude and smiles. Now I am expanding my reach, so I may make some treasured memories for you and your family to cherish for years to come!
Services Available
Please look through my portrait galleries to see samples from photo shoots with babies, children, teens, seniors, families, maternity, and pets. I will be happy to photograph some special events like birthday parties, quinceaneras, graduation parties, poojas, baby naming ceremonies, and weddings.  I also do some food and product photography, as well as landscape and nature photography. Tutoring available for budding photographers.
Inspiration & Quotes I Love
Special thanks to my father and his long-time interest in photography; it's hard not to enjoy something that someone you love loves. Thanks to my mother for introducing me to Pat Chapel, a midwest photographer and birder who showed me the ropes, pointed me toward the best new cameras, and who instilled in me the idea that "Light creates, composition makes." Most recently, I give thanks to Maheen Ott, of Ott's Shots, whose faith in my ability to do this work, has been the just the nudge I needed to "go pro"! I admire her work tremendously and admire her as a person even more. All along I have admired Ansel Adams - "You don't take a photograph, you make it.", Robert Mapplethorpe - "I'm looking for the unexpected. I'm looking for things I've never seen before.", and Annie Leibovitz - "Nature is so powerful, so strong. Capturing its essence is not easy -- your work becomes a dance with light and weather. It takes you to a place within yourself."
Random Facts
Yes, my maiden name, Schutt, rhymes with shoot! My strong love for India and its people inspired me to incorporate its national bird, the peacock, and the art of henna tattoos (Mendhi) into my logo design. When I am not busy taking random candid pictures at home or outside, doing formal photo shoots, or editing/retouching photographs, you will find me with my children building forts, constructing Lego structures, supervising superhero costume changes, finding spaces to hang unending supplies of drawings and paintings, and laughing at their made-up dances and silly faces. For fun & relaxation, I read, garden, meditate, collect rocks/stones, make jewelry, and travel with my family to new places. Last, but not least, I am a practicing psychologist. I am blessed to LOVE and feel passionate about both of my professions!